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Never know who might be a 6.8 fan

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Was at my local car dealer getting a car wash and picking up a part for the weekend. Just happened to be wearing a SSA shirt.
The parts guy asked me about them and I mentioned that they were the 6.8 experts.

To my surprise he said that he was talking to some guys at a local gun shop about the 6.8 and they were very positive. He was very interested and we chatted about twist and chambers.

Just goes to show, you never know who a potential 6.8 can be. I, of course, pointed him here. :)
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When I get to the range, I'm always meeting someone, usually a GI who's heard of a 6.8 but hasn't really seen one. It's great when you hear "Hey Dave, This guy's got a 6.8. This is what we ought to be using" and then the fun of letting them fire it. "This damn thing doesn't kick any more than what we got." I get a big charge out of that. Actually it's the same way I
learned about it. :D Always meeting a few fine soldiers like that. Of course there's the the time I met Infidel at the range.
Boy I felt outclassed. That was an awesome rifle he had. What it's all about.
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