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mine have both functioned flawlessly with or without being cleaned... I know they do not like cheap ammo like the blazer brass from walmart and I have had a couple issue with that ammo... but not the gun itself...

I was going to recommend the XD .45 service or tactical..... I have them both but I sold the service model for 6.8 money.... I now only have one pistol and that is my XD .45 5" tactical.... it has a tungsten guide rod/ 20lb spring / unlimited mag well/ storm lake semi drop-in ss ported barrel with an insight M6X on it.... I wanted to keep both but I only "need" one.... If I do anything else I will get a 1911....

Looks like you already made a good decision....

as far as the trigger.... there is a cheaper upgrade or a more costly one.... check out http://www.pistolgear.com

one is a simple kit that will bring the pull down as much as 2lbs .... might want a dons fat guide rod and better spring.... definately get an extended mag release... ss ones are like 20.00.... and a decal grip set since it provides extra pieces so you can add them to the slide, backstrap etc......

great choice.... it wont dissapoint you and springfield stand by thier warranty for the life of the gun
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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