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I've got a Bohica on order-30" with match chamber. I put my order in March this year. I hope to get it end of Nov to the 1st of Dec (my estimate from hearing when others ordered and received theirs).
Glad to hear what Black Lion says from 1st hand exp.
The Bohica MK III seems to have any minor problems worked out. Good feedback on his latest brake. Most of the customer service complaints have to do with how busy he is. Sometimes people don't hear back from him for a week or so. He does seem to back up his product. I'm really looking forward to getting one.

The Ferret and the ALS are supposed to be very good. I've heard the wait for an ALS is a year plus or minus. Don't know about the Ferret.
I wouldn't mind an Armalite ar-50 as Tim suggests. I have heard of accuracy issues with Barrett bolt and semi. Things like Ar-50 1 moa with great ammo. Barrett 2-3 moa with great ammo. Don't have any long distance feedback on the Bohica but the targets I've seen (online)at 100 to 300 look like it should shoot as good as the ammo and triggerman can do. (like the Ar-50). The ALS is best know for accuracy of all the AR upper style 50's.

I'm going for the Bohica due to price and features. I'm like you in staying with the AR platform gives us many options.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts