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Need help finding rail

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Hey guys,

I need help finding this rail but at cheaper price around $300 and if possible after shipping. I had a local shop here in town that had in stock and was going to sell it to me at there wholesale price since it was sitting in there store for the last 2 years.

Unfortunately one of the employees sold it and I was a week to late. He looked into getting another one for me since that incident happend but it came down that would be real pain for him since he doesnt deal directly with ARMS but a wholesaler instead.

This is where I need your guys help to see if anyone happens to have this rail already and looking to sell or has a contact and is able to get this rail at a wholesale price. Please dont try and convince me to go with another rail system I have my eye on this one for while and really like it :D
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ARMS has been left in the dust in the rail market. I would think that you'd have no problem finding it for a price you like on froogle.com or even ebay.

BTW, even at $300 that thing is overpriced ;)
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