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Tim W:

If you're up to it can I please get a dissertation on neck turning? What do you need to measure? What's the procedure? How do you know if you take 2 much off the neck? I bought a Sinclair 3000 turning kit.

Tube mic's are super expensive. I read a bit on longisland.... and they sound like they don't recommend anyone's stuff as perrfect and some is china (Starrett?? WTF??????) made. I'm using a set of digital calipers from Mayuito (spell??) and after reading this wanted to put them in bubble wrap:eek:

Anyway, TX in advance.

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I am not Tim and this answer will not be near as long as his but.
First you need to find out if the case will slide over the pilot of the turner. If not you will need to buy a .270 cal expander mandrel die that works in your loading press to open the neck dia slightly.
Slide the case over the pilot and adjust the cutter where it barely touches the case neck and turn the case, the cutter should take off a few high spots as you turn the case. Move the cutter toward the case a little more and repeat. You want the cutter to clean up the neck apx 90% meaning 90% new metal. continue taking a small amount until you clean most of the neck, that is the setting to use on all of the cases so they are all the same and have the same neck tension. I try for .012 thick necks but .012-.014 usually works.
I use a Forster but the process is the same.


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