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My Xtreme is getting Magpul MBUS!!!

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After seeing these and playing with them a little I decided these were prime choice for my Xtreme.
I was able to get a set at AIMSURPLUS for 93.00 and .1 cent for shipping!!!!

Anyone else running these??? any tips or opinions??
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I love the front sight but I actually got to hold it and look through it... they didnt have a rear sight to look at so I flew blind on purchasing it. We will see I guess.

They wont work on my current rig so they will be waiting once the extreme comes...I wont need to wait for sights or an optic to shoot it.

If the rear sight doesnt live up then I will swap it out for an RRA tactical handle...
Be careful not to ovetighten these or they may break.
Well that sucks. Thanks for the tip

I will use some blue loctite and leave them alone once they are mounted.

They came in the mail today and I have to say they are nifty little phuckers... I like both the front and the rear sight... we will see how they line up and shoot on my rig.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts