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My New LaRue

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Thought ya'll might like to see my new LaRue 5.56 Stealth Sniper System: on bottom. My RRA 6.8 on top. All i need to complete this set up is the new TA31H-68 for my RRA 6.8. Think i will switch that Doctor Red Dot onto that TA31H optic since the 6.8 is my hunting/battle/home defense rifle. I'm pretty sure i can switch it over to any ACOG can't I? I need to delve deepers into this. I like that Surefire Mx962.... But i don't think i'll leave it on. Think i will have to go with another E2D LED Defender and a LaRue offset Mount. I love it on my 6.8, i have it on the other side in this pic. I should take some more pics of that setup. The 5 Lumen is very nice for stalking through the woods in the early morning.That Mx962 is just too much. I'm into the LED Small profile lights now.

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Nice piece! Larue makes some awsome gear!
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