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My New LaRue

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Thought ya'll might like to see my new LaRue 5.56 Stealth Sniper System: on bottom. My RRA 6.8 on top. All i need to complete this set up is the new TA31H-68 for my RRA 6.8. Think i will switch that Doctor Red Dot onto that TA31H optic since the 6.8 is my hunting/battle/home defense rifle. I'm pretty sure i can switch it over to any ACOG can't I? I need to delve deepers into this. I like that Surefire Mx962.... But i don't think i'll leave it on. Think i will have to go with another E2D LED Defender and a LaRue offset Mount. I love it on my 6.8, i have it on the other side in this pic. I should take some more pics of that setup. The 5 Lumen is very nice for stalking through the woods in the early morning.That Mx962 is just too much. I'm into the LED Small profile lights now.

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My accurized 556 is so accurate that it is almost boring to shoot...... the thing is sweet :D
What stuff did he add to accurize the 5.56?

Also Nice stick Bull0 I like Larue stuff also. I would be great if he did a 6.8. I am waiting to here about how the OSR's perform.
Well i should just go throw this in the trash. it's worthless now.
This is true and I am the disposal squad. You need to send it to me for immediate disposal.

Address to follow.

By the way where did you get the upper? direct from the ill advertising Larue? Or from somewhere else that is helping thwm keep up the manufacturing conspiracy?:a24:
Bull001 how long was the ship time and also how do you like the FHG?
Honestly, it could just be that Larue doesn't have a FFL manufactures license and therefore couldn't legally make it. I googled the name of the company on the side of the receiver and it looks like they are a contract manufacturer for private runs of machined lower receivers.


They have some cool looking skeletonized lowers on their website.
You are correct about this. For his lower receivers he does not have his 07 manu license yet. So he did contract that out. I also beleive that he uses some small parts (springs,screws,and such) that come from other companies. But I do beleive he said that his 07 was in the works or that he was about to receie it. And for BCG's and bolts he went to munufacturing those himself. So it may be soon that everything is truly made in house.

I think he has a link running in his forum on ARFCOM I will see if I can find it.

But for his upper receivers and rails and mounting options a big as his place is those are in house.
Now the bigquestion is. Where the heck does he get his DILLO DUST from?
1 - 4 of 48 Posts