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My Groceries Came Today

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Yep, my order of groceries from Constructor came today. At least that was the charge on my CC statement.:rolleyes:

Before you start with; pictures, pictures, someone needs to let me know how to include them and then I will.

I took my walker (for real as I had a hip replacement done 3 weeks ago) to the post office to pick it up. It is less than a 1/4 mile to the PO and once I got it I tied it to the walker and had my dog help me bring it home.

A very nice white box with a wonderful piece of equipment in it, a 20 inch SAM-R upper. While it was a good looking piece it didn't really glow until I pulled my .223 upper off its lower and put H's masterpiece on it. Talk about looking RIGHT! I was trying to decide whether to put it on a lower with a collapsable stock or a standard A2. It definitely looks right on the A2 but I know it would look even better on a Magpul PRS or maybe a UBR.

In any case I want to find another lower so it will have its own dedicated lower and of course I will hopefully by then have decided what stock. I will get out and shoot it as soon as I can with the A2 stock but I am limited at this time on getting around. I am going to try to make a gun show this weekend and see if there is anything available at a proper price. For the ease of two pins I can use the .223 lower until prices are where they should be. I need to get a couple of rail risers for my 6.8s so I can mount the scopes properly so I will be looking for those also.

Once I get out to shoot it I will test different factory loads in a 16 inch SS 10 twist 6 grove vs this new 20 inch SS 12 twist 3 groove.
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Nice upper, but I think I like the Shepherd better!! I definitely want another GS dog.

I hope you have a speedy, pain free recovery.

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