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My Buffer is getting peened by the buffer retainer

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My LMT lower works great but the buffer is getting peened by the buffer retainer.
I put in a new buffer and it looks like it was hit with a small punch 20 times after firing just one mag.
Is there some kind of fix ?

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Brownells offers a little plastic tab called the M16 Clinic AR BUFFER PAD for $6.50. haven't used one but it may work. looks like it just glues onto the buffer. 8)
The buffer should not hit the retainer during normal operation.
That retainer is only there to hold things together when you remove the upper.

You can check this by watching the buffer and BCG as you slowly close the upper.
During the last little bit of of travel, the tail of the bolt carrier should push the buffer back enough so it does not touch the retainer.

If it doesn't move the buffer back, you need to figure out why.
Also check the tail of the bolt carrier for wear marks.

Do you have any other rifles to compare with?

Is this a new buffer, new lower? how about some other clues and history, pics?
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It is an all new LMT gun.
I have several other guns so I think I know what the normal wear should be.
I noticed it after the first time I fired it.

I had this issue with an AR10 several years ago.
I was told then that the buffer retainer hole was drilled
too far back and there was nothing I could do,
and if I was lucky nothing would break.

Try swapping uppers and lowers,
checking to make sure the buffer is pushed back off the retainer.

See if you can isolate the problem as a retainer hole location issue.
If you can, I would contact LMT and see what they have to say.
A replacement stripped lower may be in order.

I would not plan on getting lucky. and hoping nothing will break :twisted:
check if the receiver extension tube is screwed in to far? I know when we made our SDMRs in Iraq we took m16A4s and put collapsible mod stokes on them on a few of them we had to adjust how far the tube was screwed in to the receiver to stop them from hammering of the buffers.
I have a buffer(rifle) with these marks also. This was an experienced buffer with life before me. It has always puzzled me of how these marks appeared as not from any of the upper/lower combos that I have put together.
From the information I received from other sources
and the fact that none of the big three on this board responded.
It appears that this is only a cosmetic issue.

Or in other words do not worry about it and just fire the gun.

You said you had a couple of ARs? Open up one of your other receivers and take a coupe of measurements to see if you tube is screwed in too far or if the retaining pin looks different. Like the other poster said, just shoot it if it's functioning okay.
Did you call LMT about this? I'm just curious as to what they would say.
ArtFWTx said:
Did you call LMT about this? I'm just curious as to what they would say.
No, not yet.
For now I am just going to put that lower in the back of the safe.
I cannot even get them to respond to questions about my items that have been on backorder for almost two months.

I just opened and looked at my work M4, the buffer has some wear marks on it, I would guess form the retaining pin.... i dont think it is an issue.
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