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Mounts and bases

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Setting up a long range bolt and wanting the opinion of the long range shooters.

What do you guys think of the Warne bases as opposed to the Badger bases. Or any solid quality one piece bases. Also which rings between the Warne and Badger. These are the one piece 20 moa bases. I am setting this up to be a long range shooter. Yes meaning to start reaching 1000yds.
I guess Leupold Mark 4 rings and bases would be included. It is going on top of a 300wm bolt action that has a break so it will have to stand up to the recoil.
Rings would be 30mm and I have the scope picked out.

I don't have to have the tacticool but I don't want cheap either and I picked these bases because I like the ability if I wanted to I could yank off the scope and mount to somthing else.
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You might look at these bases and rings also. I have a Warne base on a .30-06 and it seems to work fine. I have a Farrell 20MOA base on my Rem.700 SPS Tactical .308 that I like too. Quality-wise I think some would argue that Badger is the better of your two choices.
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