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Mounting an Eotech with A2 Carry handle

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Im considering an Eotech for the AR. Im just not sure which location is the best for mounting considering I have the A2 Carry handle rear sight. Ive seen them mounted in between the carry handle and front sight post on a FF forend, as well as on top of the A2 Carry handle. Does anyone else have this setup? What are some of the pros/cons of each? Thanks!
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http://www.armsmounts.com/default.asp?m ... mounts&id=[hsh]02

I have this on my detachable run handle. There are two down sides with it in my opinion. First is the large nut pretty much makes the run handle useless. Second, it sets my optic (http://www.trijicon.com/user/parts/prod ... tegoryID=8) higher than I like.
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