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Noveske uses same m249 steel in their barrels :lol:

The BS never ceases to amaze me.
PN told me they had made a few new rifling designs to test in the 249 and Noveske had plans to use the rifling designs in his 223 barrels. I have not been able to find anyone that has ever seen a improved polygon(5R) barrel in a 249 other than what PN/Noveske has tested.

So who runs a 5.56 barrel to 700 degrees like a 249?

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All i can say for !00% sure about the steel on an m249 is that after 2 full drum dumps plus another fired in proper bursts it turns a rather matte gray and has to be replaced LOL. and before you ask I was merely following orders during a dog and pony show.
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