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MK68 Recon Range Report

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Range Report MK68 Recon

115 OTM CL

Break in was done per H's breakin instructions: Losso paste, what a chore for me...
Also let the bolt fly 800 times before the Range.
My first 10 shots were with 90 TNT and 115 OTM thru the Chrony.
SSA 90 TNT: 2625

SSA 115 OTM: 2447
None of these were for accuracy. All were on the same path of being SLOW. Specially those TNTs...

Next, Shoot for groups at 100 yds:
Scope: 1.5 x5 MK4 SPR on Larue SPR-E, sand bags...
SSA 90 TNTs were awesome. Best 5 shot group was .75"-.80"... The other 2 shot groups of 5 was around
1" mark.
SSA 115 OTM was not as good but pretty close. POI change 1/2' higer but was still dead on. 3 shot groups of 5 put all
15 in 1.5" group...Which I think it was my fault due to the way I settled in behind the stock.

I have 40 rounds thru the Recon at this time, then I broke out the SSA 85 TSX. I did not run the 85s thru the Chrony off of the start, because I did not want to foul the bbl before checking the accuracy of the TNTs and 115 OTMs. I don't like mixing barnes bullets when testing for accuracy, Myth? I don't know, but it is what I do...
SSA 85 TSX: 3080
These had NO problems hitting FPS from a new build. Kind of shocked me that these 85 TSX hit this, and those 90 TNTs could not get to 2700. Groups with the 85 TSX, not very good. 3 shot groups of 5. Best shot group was 1.25" the other 2 shot groups were 1.5" group. POI changed to 1.5" higher and 2" to the left. I tried a different hold on the rifle for all 3 shot groups, same outcome.

60 Rounds total: Then I ran the 3 rounds SSA 90 TNT and 3 rounds SSA 115 OTM back thru the Chrony.
SSA 90 TNT: after 60 rounds 2675

SSA 115 OTM: 2500

Big jump for the TNTs and 115 OTMs.

SSA 85 TSX brass 3 to 3:30 exit
SSA 90 TNT brass 3:30 exit
SSA 115 OTM brass 2:00 exit
MK68 Recon with CTR stock, Troy Rail, Timney Trigger: Buffer is a H buffer with stock spring. The H buffer was bought by mistake in FEB 09. I bought the lower, parts kit and CTR stock through it all in a bag. When the upper arrived 4 months later I noticed it was a H buffer. I don't know if one way or another if accuracy suffers or what? But I had NO issues with any SSA ammo. Except on Primer, would not go off (SSA 90 TNT), even after 3 or 4 tries. Looked like a good hit on primer. NO FTE, FTF. MK68 Spit everything out in an orderly fashion...Also one thing I noticed the barrel does not get overly hot as other ARs that I have fired? Maybe it does, I don't know. All groups of 5 were shot with 3 - 10 seconds between shots, 5 minutes between groups.
Range started @ 0630, 70 deg. NO wind. A good Range day...
I DID NOT clean between shots, Full out over 60 rounds.

A scope with more power than x5 and with regular cross hairs. Really no telling what I would of done. I was impressed with this Leupy Scope as well and how well I did with it.

I have the 80 rounds of new SSA ammo, mystery powder coming in. I will report back.

I know this is kind of lengthy, but you guys here have helped me a whole lot on this MK68 build or 6.8 in general. Just maybe this INFO will help someone else out... H, Tim a big Thanks. Yes, you to Paulo you have been a big help to me and this forum...Thanks.

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Good job and great detail.
Guys, I hope all of you will take a moment and end your ideas to both Barnes and Hornady. Please be very professional in your comments. No "hey, your kick-ass bullet"...comments I know that one guy meant well, but that does not make us exactly appears as professionals.

The GMX in 100 grains would be an awesome bullet. Please make sure that Hornady knows how much all of you would like to see that. I have already done this. I simply told them that a 100 grain GMX of around 1.16" in length would be just about perfect for the 6.8. If driven around 2800 to 2900 FPS, this load so closely approximates the .243 Winchester, that they could only imagine its selling potential if that could be fired from a standard sized AR-15 carbine type rifle.

How about if all of you make similar (but definitely in your own words) comments? I can assure you that they are listening.
What is the contact info??? We are asking for a 100gr GMX bulley with an oal of 1.16" ?

From the looks of it offering a bullet like this would be right up thier alley. It seems that it would top off thier selection quite nicely... I honestly dont see any reason why they couldnt or wouldnt do it. Maybe somone can make a general request template that we can copy and paste and just send mass emails in the same "professional" format...

just a thought.
Good job guys.
my request... please excuse the schmoozing.

"To whom it may concern:

Hello, I would like to first thank you for your consideration in advance. I have been an avid consumer of your product and have made purchase recommendations to many of my piers. I trust in your products and this is the reason I am asking for your assistance.

I am respectfully requesting that Hornady consider a .277 caliber GMX bullet in a 100 grain option with a overall length of 1.16" , no greater.
I feel it would top of the GMX line up quite nicely and afford the 6.8x43spc end users a "be all, do all" cartridge.
No one else loads a ballistic tipped all copper projectile for the 6.8 and this would be an outstanding opportunity to do so.

I appreciate your time and look forward to what Hornady brings in the future. I hope that you continue to support the 6.8spc community and help us bring this caliber to its full potential.

Very Respectfully
Broderick "

I took from what has been said and morphed it into something personal... just a pebble in the pond.
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