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Misc AR parts for sale

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doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of a few items i am not going to be using. all prices include shipping within Continental US. will accept check, MO, or PayPal you cover fees

Surefire ProComp Muzzle Break for 7.62 caliber 5/8x24 TPI $60 each (have 3 and below cost and they stay sold out)
Brand New in box and will include a new crush washer **all sold**

BCM Gunfighter Stock Black $55.00 **SOLD**
came off a brand new rifle and was replaced with a Magpul. No box but stock is basically new

**SOLD** Nikon M-308 4-16x42 Scope with BDC Reticle and will also include scope mount and lens caps $400 (well below cost)
scope was installed on a bolt action rifle but it was a little over kill for that rifle. really needs to be on a AR10 platform.

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If these are the brakes that work with the new 7.62 SureFire socom suppressors then I will take 2. Let me know.

Ok this would be the one I'm looking for below.

Caliber7.62 mm (.308 caliber)
Length2.66 inches


The advanced SureFire SFMB-762-5/8-24 muzzle brake, which fits the Armalite AR-10, DPMS LR308, and 7.62 mm rifles with 5/8-24 muzzle threads, greatly reduces both recoil impulse and muzzle rise and features neutral porting that loads bi-pod legs evenly. Its patented Impulse Diffusion design minimizes side blast and rear-directed concussion effects. The SFMB-762-5/8-24 also serves as a rock-solid mounting adapter for SureFire SOCOM Series 7.62 mm Fast-Attach® suppressors, the SOCOM762-RC model having recently won the Mk13 .300 Win-Mag sniper rifle contract award with the US Special Operations Command in the most extensive and rigorous suppressor testing ever conducted.
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Are all the brakes sold?

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the brakes are still available. these are not the suppressor mounts though, just the normal surefire break.
one time bump.

everything sold but 1 muzzle break. if it doesn't sell i will just keep it.
Is the last break still available ? If so I'll take it.

Is the last break still available ? If so I'll take it.

i do have the 1 break left. its yours.
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