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Anyone here a pro at shooting mirage?
lets hear some ideas about what works and what doesn't with scoped rifles and shooting at distance.
No pro here! When I'm watching mirage I try to equate it to the speed of someone walking the use the lead from that. A slow walk runs at about 4 mph and a fast walk at 6 mph. Example would be a target moving at 4 mph at a distance of 500yds. A 308 bullet takes just over .5 seconds to travel 500yds. The target will move just under 3 ft in that amount of time. That give you a lead of 1.5 mils.
This formula may help.

Bullet time of flight
100yd - 0.1 sec
200yd - 0.2 sec
300yd - 0.4 sec
400yd - 0.5 sec
500yd - 0.7 sec
600yd - 0.9 sec

Lead in ft from center mass:
time of flight (sec) x target speed (fps)

Lead in Mils from leading edge:
[lead (ft) from center mass x 12] -6
[range x .035]

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