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Midway Blemished VMax 110g Problems / Details...report here

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OK...There are several members on the forum who bought Midway Blemished 110g VMax bullets when they were on sale.

At least three members have reported loading and shooting these bullets.
Two reports ... with terrible results of 4-12" groups and one report with "OK" groups of under 2".

In an effort to get a handle on which of the bullet configurations are the culprit and to what degree the problem exists, I would ask that those who have shot these bullets or will be shooting these bullets... report their data here.

First, there are two part numbers involved...but at least three if not four different configurations.

Configuration 1 is Midway's part number 972987 WITH cannelure.
The boxes also have the manufacturer's number of 22720(C) and a third number on the box of 102308.
The examples I received all have a red polymer tip.

Configuration 2 is Midways' part number 295995 WITHOUT cannelure.
The boxes have a manufacturer's number of 22720(B) and the third number of 102308.
The examples I have received also have a red polymer tip.

Because both configuration boxes are marked with the same 102308 number...I suspect this is a vendor number that perhaps identifies Hornady...but that is speculation on my part. It may be an internal purchase order number being referenced.

The reason I refer to more than two configurations is due to the reports of some receiving green tip polymer bullets. If you have such green tipped bullet...please provide the box ID numbers to see how or if they differ from those above with red tips.

Finally, for those who have shot any configuration of these bullets... please provide the box numbers and accuracy you observed.

Hopefully, we can determine if the poor accuracy issue is limited to a specific bullet / tip color or presence of / lack of a cannelure.


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Here's one more I shot this afternoon from the same lot as the target I posted on the first page. The only difference is the previous target is from before I shot the Tubbs FF kit, this target is after. POI difference is due to remounting the scope (1.5-4.5x Bushnell) one notch forward on the rail.

Midway bullet numbers are 972987, 102308, 22720C
29gr H322, WLR primer (old white box), Remington Brass, 2.26 OAL

I'm getting some blemish bullets that I assume are a different lot. I'll post a target from those too when I get them loaded.
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Finally got a reply to my letter. They will not acknowledge any problem, but at least they offer to take them back:

Thanks for your contact with Larry. Between his obligations (like the NRA convention) and his daily duties producing the TV vignettes it takes him a while to get through them. He asked me to follow up with you.

We remain unconvinced (despite internet discussion board "consensus") that there is an inherent or chronic problem with those blemished bullets. None of the complaints we've received so far can be linked to a specific caliber, grain weight or configuration we can use to determine some commonality in the hope of being able to identify some specific product. It simply defies what we know about modern manufacturing that production runs of hundreds of thousands of bullets would have completely random and sporadic patterns of fatal inconsistency. While we've had some customers complain about those bullets the overwhelming majority appear to be perfectly happy with their performance. We've had no complaints or even observations about inconsistent reload performance by any employee of MidwayUSA who has used those bullets.

We are sympathetic to your situation, however, despite the fact that you are not reporting a performance problem that you've experienced personally. If you'd like to return those bullets for Midway Money credit per our normal return policies please return them per the instructions on the back of your invoice.

Thanks for your business,

Customer Service
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. ALL reports to date of erratic bullet performance have been limited ONLY to boxes of red tipped Midway part number 295995 with mfg. number 22720(B). These are the red tipped bullets WITHOUT a cannelure. ALL reports to date have identified ONLY date code 112808 of ONLY these two part numbers as being the batch that has given problems.


Be sure to shoot the bullets I sent you, photograph the targets, then send the above statement of Kerry's to Midway. I applaud their decision to refund, and that is definitely going to assure my repeat business, especially when you consider they don't yet believe that it is a consistent problem with one of the lots of bullets. That shows, that if we are not happy, they plan to refund, and that is good business.

However, they need to see what all of us saw. I know that I had 6 " groups out of a barrel that shoots ONE HOLERS. You guys have all seen the groups I posted from my AR Performance 12/ 3 barrel built by Harrison and how it performs. These bullets shot 6" groups with my handloads from that barrel.

I had bullets from the aforementioned lot. Coincidence??? I think not.
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I bought 5 boxes of red tipped Midway part number 295995 with mfg. number 22720(B). Out of 500 bullets 148 of them are obviously flawed. I rolled ever bullet on a table top and visually inspected them. I also bought 5 boxes of the non-tiped bullets and they appear to be fine. Have not been able to load and shoot either one. I am sending the red tipped bullets to someone to just shoot that has no concern for accuracy. I buy less and less from Midway as their prices are getting higher and their returns are a PIA. By the time you pay shipping both ways you can buy from almost anyone and beat their prices.
I am sure one of you has a dremel or similar tool. Take a few of the bullets ones that have the wrinkle etc and section them lengthwise. This will tell you a considerable amount. The deciding factor in a bad group of bullets hsould be key holing not group size. Groups rely on to many variables where as key holing is only a factor of bullet stabilization. So as long as people are all using at least a 13 twist and vel over 2000 it will rule out all these variables. If the bullets key hole (do not stabilize) they are label the bad lot if not they are good lot. That would be any of the bullets key hole even one as it should never happen. Dissecting the bullet and posting good close up photos may help answer the cause.
Tim, I guess we can add that to the number of projects for you to try out :) Check your PMs
Tim, I guess we can add that to the number of projects for you to try out :) Check your PMs
Already talked to H about it. Sounds like a good deal to me.
Based on the reports from all who were able to document the configuration, box numbers and date code I think we can state with confidence that all defective bullets were:

1. Red tipped NON cannelure ONLY

2. Box part numbers: 295995 / 22720(B) ONLY

3. Date code 112808 ONLY

You MUST have all (3) of the above present to indicate that your bullets have potential accuracy issues.

If you DO NOT have ALL of the three characteristics above....Your projectiles are OK....!

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If any of you don't want these bullets anymore, IM or e-mail me. I may need some for qualification where we shoot no more then 50 yards. I was thinking of buying some remingtons but they seem out of stock everywhere. I would be insterested in some of these.
I finally shot the blems at the range, yep they're bad. red tip, no cannelure.
i think I can get them between the up rights on the chronograph:mrgreen:
I remember where that wasn't the case with good bullets. :lol:
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