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Midway Blemished VMax 110g Problems / Details...report here

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OK...There are several members on the forum who bought Midway Blemished 110g VMax bullets when they were on sale.

At least three members have reported loading and shooting these bullets.
Two reports ... with terrible results of 4-12" groups and one report with "OK" groups of under 2".

In an effort to get a handle on which of the bullet configurations are the culprit and to what degree the problem exists, I would ask that those who have shot these bullets or will be shooting these bullets... report their data here.

First, there are two part numbers involved...but at least three if not four different configurations.

Configuration 1 is Midway's part number 972987 WITH cannelure.
The boxes also have the manufacturer's number of 22720(C) and a third number on the box of 102308.
The examples I received all have a red polymer tip.

Configuration 2 is Midways' part number 295995 WITHOUT cannelure.
The boxes have a manufacturer's number of 22720(B) and the third number of 102308.
The examples I have received also have a red polymer tip.

Because both configuration boxes are marked with the same 102308 number...I suspect this is a vendor number that perhaps identifies Hornady...but that is speculation on my part. It may be an internal purchase order number being referenced.

The reason I refer to more than two configurations is due to the reports of some receiving green tip polymer bullets. If you have such green tipped bullet...please provide the box ID numbers to see how or if they differ from those above with red tips.

Finally, for those who have shot any configuration of these bullets... please provide the box numbers and accuracy you observed.

Hopefully, we can determine if the poor accuracy issue is limited to a specific bullet / tip color or presence of / lack of a cannelure.


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You are correct that 22720 is Hornady's part number for the 110gr VMAX. 22720(C) is the VMAX w/ cannelure. What seems odd to me are the green tipped bullets. To my knowledge, Hornady does not use green polymer tips, only red.
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