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MDWS 8.2" 416R Stainless 6.8SPC-II Pistol Barrel

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MDWS 6.8SPC-II Pistol Barrel - 8.2" - 416R Stainless/Threaded, mounted, but never fired, visible marks from gas block set screws, will include pistol length gas tube (no roll pin) $135 shipped SOLD

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Bump with price reduction, $135 shipped.
SPF to Buell056. PM sent.
Received. I'll get it shipped out tomorrow.
I remember those! They shoot good, and they're collector's items at this point... those are the first barrels I ever had made.
They have filled my freezer a few times taking white tails the last few years. Work great while doing deer culls out by me for the DEC.

This one is going in a stripped Six8 UCIW upper I got from CDNN. Stoked!
Buell's got what ... three of these now? <bg>
Buell's got what ... three of these now? <bg>
Hahahahhaahaaa!!! Technically I have two including this new one. I gave the third as a gift to a good friend of mine. But yes, I have purchased three of these over time.

MCA is dead-on this one. What can I say; Mark made some amazingly accurate 7.5" and 8.2" barrels.

No matter what it is.... If it says MDWS in it the quality is guaranteed. Even the Tactical Rock.
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