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magg capacity hunting law in tx?

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Is there a magazine capacity law in texas for huning game (deer)? I tried looking it up but could not find anything. can anybody help me? Thanks. Im getting mt stuff ready for hunting season and need to know if i need to get a smaller 6.8 mag. I currently only have 2 17 rounders.
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17 rounders? do what? I haven't heard of a Mag Capacity, but i don't know. I would like to know also. I'm sure if you're shooting pigs they won't care. Dunno about Deer though.
Yea the law is whatever the capacity of your mag :lol: :lol: . J/K I don't really know I have never heard of a limit. But then again I do a lot of stalking so I wouldn't want to run around with a 25rd on the gun probably not more then a 10 rounder at most. But I am just running my mouth. :lol:
I want to do some stalking.... I don't think there is a limit, it's just for those panzy ass liberal states.
Looked and the only capacity restriction I can find is 3 shells in shogun for migratory birds. it is the only restriction that I know of. You can always call your area Game Warden and confirm. I have talked to a couple a few times about other things and they are usually pretty friendly.
Yeah, just call your local game wardens. Thye seem to always be some of the most helpfull and nice people. I know in GA there is not mag limit for deer, So carry a 30 rounder in case you run into a flock of Deer :lol:
The Great State of Texas says there is no mag limit when hunting game animals. To be honest, my 6.8 setup is for deer hunting but I purchased a 5 rounder so as to not be lambasted by the others at the ranch (or intimidate the deer :D ). However, I will feel no shame next month using my Barrett 30 rounders on hogs.
ron169 said:
So carry a 30 rounder in case you run into a flock of Deer :lol:
Or a flock of HOGS!!! Yeah!

As far as I know their is no limit to mag capacity in TX.
I think everyone is correct, no mag limit in TX for deer.

I use my 20 and 30 round mags for hunting. You can have a whole box of ammo in one mag, so why carry a small mag and also have to carry the remaining loose shells or cardboard ammo box? Besides, who cares what the geezers say?
Everyone is right, but I don't think anyone has actually posted an authoritative answer yet, so here it is:

http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/publication ... unt/means/

Magazine Capacity (number of shells/cartridges allowed): There are no restrictions on the number of shells or cartridges a legal firearm may hold when hunting game animals or game birds (except migratory game birds, see Legal Shotgun).
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