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M4 Feed Ramps - Stag Accuracy Issue? Rock River?

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I have been told that Stag does not use M4 Feed Ramps, does any one know why this is? How much does this affect accuracy? Is this an easy mod that any gunsmith can do?

Do the other 6.8 SPC Mfgs use M4 Ramps? Rock River? DPMS? Bushmaster?


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Very good analysis with regard to bullet damage / deformation.........having said that, would it be wiser to go with RRA which comes standard with M4 feed ramps 1/10 twist non-chrome lined or go with the Stag 1/11, chrome-lined and mod the feed ramps? In other words, does the better barrel from Stag outweigh the feed ramp issue?
As long as you plan on getting the M4 ramps cut, I would go with the Stag. if you are not willing to get the ramps cut, I woudl suggest an alternate upper which does utilyze the correct twist, chamber, and M4 cuts.

The best advice I can give is to check that thread and choose an option receives an A grade
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