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LWRC functioning/reliability??

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I have read most of threads on the LWRC concerning accuracy but little gets mentioned about its functioning. I am wondering what exper. the owners have in regards to its function. Jams etc.. I have not read the article but appartnely they were torture tested for an upcoming mag article.
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So what powder amount/type/bullet is most optimal for that m6a2 for you specifically? reason i ask is that I took my lwrc 14.5" m6a2 out on saturday to test first handloads. 29 (min) and 30 grains in h322 for 90 gr speer tnt and CCI #41 had wide 5" groups near sea level 70 degrees. I suspect that was due to inconsistent charging and some other reasons. So you're using up to max recommended loads or exceeding? Sounds like i'll bump the setup to 31.5 gr now as i didnt see pressure signs at 30.

I was getting a 1.5" group with factory ssa tactical 115gr prohunter so i know my handloads were sucking. As far as lwrc functionality, it was ejecting at 1 oclock until i put in an h2 buffer and wolf spring. It's got a jerky recoil in my magpul CTR though so i have a tubbs flat spring shipping to test. May swap into my magpul UBR as well. The gun itself has been running very nice and clean and cold. I'm sticking to piston driven from now on. Not tied to lwrc, just piston driven tech.

rkh said:
I really like my M6A2.

With commercial ammo the rifle has run 100%. Initially, my handloads were less than satisfactory but I quickly figured out that the issue was with the load data and not the rifle. Most published 6.8 data is underpowered. Working up handloads in an autoloader from published minimums can result in some frustrating trips to the range.

After a few abortive handload "work-ups," I spoke with Hornday and was told that their factory ammo is roughly equivalent to their published max loads. Since then, I've been loading exclusively at the upper-end of the pressure spectrum and haven't looked back.

The only other 6.8 rifle I've had experience with is a Ruger Mini-6.8. The Ruger is even more sensitive to underpowered ammo than the LWRC, so be aware that this isn't an LWRC-specific issue.
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VTSEAL said:
How do the LWRC shot groups compare to other 6.8 piston uppers? Has anybody with one done a side-by-side???
Yeah i ran across this awhile back. Some guy did a full review of several uppers but all the rest were gas.

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