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owenslee said:
Tim_W said:

I have checked with a number of Manf and their prices only went up 5-10 at the most with some not going up at all. These price increases are the dealers jacking up price cause they can as its fear buying. If you see prices going from 110 up to 130 that is reasonable for he cost increase. If they go from 110 to 179 ro 200 or even 279 that is dealer capitalizing on the situation. Bsides you had many dealers increasing prices on ones they already had in stock and ones that had already been on order at he lower rates if they did go up at all. Spikes as well. He received upper in right after elections. I am not sayings its wrong or its right. Spikes move did put me in a bit of a bind as he had ordered them well before the rush and had the expected arrival date on his site. I purposely did not buy other lowers as I was waiting on those to arrive as I hadn't used his lowers before and they were so highly rated. Then they came in and the price got jumped 40% from what was listed. That was clearly not becasue his cost was higher on them as they were already on the way. It was becasue he had a chance to make more profit as demand went thru the roof. Again not making any judgment but this price increase is largely from dealer raising prices not manufactures. Now there are reasons to raise prices even though they may not cost more but this isn' a economics class which I absolutely hated. :lol:
Tim...It's Kerry...

I am not sure I understand your post ...as you are making my point. Spikes distributes their own brand of lower manufactured by one of their vendors. If the price increased 40% on lowers in transit to Spikes from the manufacturer...the 40% increase was set by the manufacturer....not by a dealer. If they were the same price from the manufacturer and Spikes increased the price due to the feeding frenzy...I would attribute the increase to a distributor...again not a dealer.

I am sure there are some dealers trying to capitalize on the situation...but of the increases I have been personally aware of, it has been due to a manufacturer or distributor...not a dealer.


On 11/4, Spikes lowers were selling for 105-115. On 11/5, the price went up to 180+ on lowers already in stock. This was not manufacturer price increase. This was a company jacking up the price to take advantage of panic buying. Now that everyone is out of stock, manufacturers have increased prices, distributors have increased prices, and dealers have increased prices. It's basic supply and demand. We gun owners have been our own worst enemies. If people would calm down and quit panicing, the demand would go down, and so would the prices.
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