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Well its kind of hit or miss right now. Before the election there were a few choices that customized the parts kit, but now its just a challenge to jsut find any at all in stock.

This one lets you omit the Trigger guard, the Fire control group, or both. And from what I understand they hand pick the parts from some of the best manufactures to make up the kit
http://www.gandrtactical.com/cgi-bin/co ... esult.html

Adcos lets you choose trigger guard, grip, and the ability to upgrade to a NM trigger
http://www.adcofirearms.com/itemdetails ... umber=1313

Good luck finding them in stock tho!

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Brownells sells pretty much all of the parts seperately. Though like everywhere else, good luck finding them. I ended up just ordering a DPMS LPK through Brownells, then ordering the handgrip and trigger I wanted. With the trade discount it is cheaper than the ADCO option. But once again it is probably out of stock.

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Frustrated with trying to find LPKs, I went to Midway and ordered what I could from them. A few of the items were a few cents cheaper at Brownells, a few were a few cents more. I about pulled my hair out trying to nickle and dime it. Eventually I just went with Midway. Of a standard LPK, they did not have the bolt catch, magazine catch, or selector. I'll have to get those later on.

Here's the item numbers from my order. It might make your search easier. They're in stock at the time of this post.

136954 DPMS Takedown and Pivot Pin Detent AR-15
224284 DPMS Takedown Pin AR-15 Matte
420712 Olympic Magazine Release Button AR-15 Matte
517825 DPMS Takedown and Pivot Pin Detent Spring AR-15
570558 DPMS Disconnector Spring AR-15
597432 DPMS Bolt Catch Spring AR-15
824126 DPMS Pivot Pin .250" Diameter AR-15 Matte
883978 DPMS Buffer Retainer Spring AR-15
890211 DPMS Safety Selector Detent AR-15
146231 DPMS Trigger Guard Roll Pin AR-15
180104 DPMS Disconnector AR-15 Small Pin .154" Matte
215284 DPMS Bolt Catch Plunger AR-15
227094 DPMS Bolt Catch Roll Pin AR-15
267858 DPMS Magazine Release Spring AR-15
272370 DPMS Buffer Retainer AR-15
624594 DPMS Safety Selector Detent Spring AR-15
712344 DPMS Trigger Guard Assembly Including Pin AR-15 Matte
581214 KNS Hammer and Trigger Pin 2nd Generation Non Rotating AR-15 Small Pin .154" Stainless Steel
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