Selling most of my 6.8 bullets. If boxes are opened, they have been counted and wrote on box/bag. PIctures may not reflect the correct # of boxes, see list below for accuracy. I'd rather sell these the way they are listed, per lot, can combine if needed.

Post "I'll take XXX" and let me know an address so I can get you a shipping quote. PP f&f, check or m/o.

Sealed bag of 1000 RMR pulled 90gr gold dots, $220

Nosler 115gr CC, 250ct box. Have 13 boxes, $1,105

Nosler 115gr CC, 100ct boxes. Have 19, $665

Nosler 115gr CC factory 2nds, 100ct bags, have 7-100ct bags and 1-84 count. $236

Berger 140gr VLD #27502, 2-100ct boxes, $90

Barnes 85gr FB, 115 of these, $60

Sierra 110gr SP, 16-100ct boxes and some misc open boxes, 1703 total bullets. $460

Speer 90gr TNT, have 2-650 boxes, $250

If anyone is local I have 5.5lb of A2200, $195, can't ship these.