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That's a beauty! Looks very good. If you don't mind, would you share some rifle and ammo details about what you used?
Sorry just noticed you asked a question馃槄
My build with a 16" ARP flutted socom barrel 1/11.5? 5R rifling. ARP superbolt.
The load is Starline brass CCI #41 29.2 grains H322 110 Accubond 2.280" C.O.A.l. at about 2565 fps..
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The story goes....I got out to deer camp Monday afternoon and I decide to go scout a place that I had spotted a good buck the previous season. After a 2 mile hike I had found several good spots and planned to hunt one of them the next morning because it was a good natural funnel. I'm a still hunter I like stalking the woods and sitting on rocks and stumps occasionally calling.
The following morning I got settup sitting up against an old oak tree looking down into the funnel. I sat there until about 0750 and I was planning on pulling an all day sit there; however, I had this little voice in my heading telling me this wasn't the spot and that I need to go sit up on this hardwood ridge and watch this saddle where I had found a good quantity of buck sign. I fought the voice as long as I could but I decided to listen to it. So I got up and started the mile or so hike working into the wind. Just as I was closing within 100 yards of the hunting spot, I ended up running into and jumping up a coyote....it was a low probability shot but I pulled my rifle up and fired a quick shot at the coyote.
I spent the next 10 minutes looking for signs of a hit but it was clearly a miss. So now I'm thinking thats the end of my hunt because I broke the silence....but the dang voice kept telling "go to the spot" so I listened to it.
I reached the location and found a nice bolder to sit on. I begain with a few buck grunts then a doe bleat or two then I started rattling. Then I sat for about 20 minutes. It was midmorning and the temperature was crazy hot like 70掳f. My moral started to plummet figuring I alerted every deer in the area after shooting at the coyote and with the hot temps I decided to send my Uncle a text that I was heading back to camp......
About that time with my nose buried in my phone this darn hawk came swooping down and no shit his wing tip buzzed my nose! I no shit felt his feathers! I looked up startled and actually made eye contact with him and it felt as if he was telling me to get ready! Because at the same time I heard a lot of commotion in the direction of the saddle. Then one by one I started to see a line of does coming down the ridge about 80 yards away. I kept cycling through them in my scope hoping to find a buck!..nope nope nope nope then I heard a high pitched grunt I knew there was a buck coming!! There he is damn just a crotch horn! He chased the does to about 40 yards from me and yes I decide to shoot him. This is Maine it can be tough..so I brought my rifle up put the crosshair behind his shoulder and just a millisecond before I was going to break the shot I hear another grunt from the direction these deer originally came from, this grunt was deeper! I looked to my left and the first thing I saw was Antlers! big ones! He ran down the ridge and stopped broadside at about 80 yards it was my only shot and I could only see his front quarters I put the crosshairs on him and squeezed bang!! He dropped and then got up and ran right at me I fired again but hit a damn tree! He spun turned 180 degrees ran back the way he came and out of sight!! I'm thinking what the hell? I missed? I couldn't have? I'm standing there thinking I just missd a monster! Minutes passed when all of a suddedn the young buck returns chasing the does pushing them right back at me! With that I look behind him and the big buck is chasing him! At this point I can hear the big buck gurgling on blood...I did hit him! But he was so rut crazed he didn't know to die! Well he comes running right at me slightly to my right with a doe at his nose. I see that I have to run up about 15ft to get a shooting opportunity as he runs by but as soon as I try to run my hunting vest gets snagged on a strong oak branch!!!! I'm literally stuck!!
I'm 230 pounds and I can't move three attempts and nothing finally I lean back and give it my all and SNAP!!!! THE BRANCH BREAKS! I stumble foward almost falling. I run up to the opening turn to my right as the buck is full tilt running broadside at about 10 yards still gurgling on blood I snap the rifle up and shoot dumping him right there! He is still flopping around and the doe is standing 20 yards from him and even though he is dieing he is still trying to get to her as if he doesn't even know it's all over? so I put one more in him to end it! Craziest hunt that I've ever experienced!

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Looks like the buck of a lifetime there! Looks like you picked the right taxidermist.
Thank you, we judge bucks two ways up here. He is my largest rack buck however my biggest buck dresses out a 213 pounds. Mainers always ask how much it weighed first then they may ask about the rack. My buck of a lifetime hopefully will be over 250 pounds dressed out. It may never happen. But I have put my friend on a 259 pound buck and my father on a 260 pound buck dressed out. So there is hope!
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My 213#
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My 2nd heaviest at 201#s

The biggest buck was shot by my Grandfather in the 70's it dressed out at 275#s.

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They're cool to look at, but you can't eat antlers. A bulging freezer is way more cool.
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