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Logo test #2

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#1 Let's not get this confused with the "Logo" thread. :lol: :lol: What's everyones opinion on this one? I'm probably going to change the texture on the TN. I think it looks a little more professional than the last one.

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We've got like 1000 layers going with different combos. I agree about the wording. Needs a little pop from the back ground. Thanks for the input.

Come on photoshop master? Are you out there?
I will play around some more with #2. Thanks photo shop master. Maybe add a mexican hat, the village people, a doughnut, some big knockers. Then I would have the best logo ever!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Boy this is a great site!!! :D
Thanks!! I will get it ready. I will send it to you when I get in tonight. Thanks for your help. I would like to change the rifle outline or what ever you would call it, to look a little more like an AR.

Do you want me to send it to you with all the separate layers? Then hows the best way to send a huge file? Thanks.
That will work. I will get my wife to set one up. The website stuff kills me. I can edit photos. I just can't do graphics.
What does everyone think of this one? I think this is the final one.

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I think it's a go!! Now I just have to finish the website. :( If you want to see the test page it's at BedfordCountyTactical.com. It's only my test page. It has a link to where the store front is going to be. Hopefully I can get it going pretty soon.
1 - 8 of 21 Posts