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Logo test #2

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#1 Let's not get this confused with the "Logo" thread. :lol: :lol: What's everyones opinion on this one? I'm probably going to change the texture on the TN. I think it looks a little more professional than the last one.

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I got all excited when I saw logo in the thread title, but opened it and my excitement waned! I like #2 the best as well, at least from what I can tell by looking at the picture on my phone.
If you want, you can email me a copy of the photoshop file to [email protected] and i can try an play around with it a lil after I get off work at 7
Well, i se three options, i think my yahoo will accept up to a 10 mb file, but other than that host it on ur website and give me the link, or you can set up an FTP through you server if you know how to do that.
jasonpeterson said:
That will work. I will get my wife to set one up. The website stuff kills me. I can edit photos. I just can't do graphics.
Jason, give me a link to the original picture, I can probably get where you want to go with just that
I like it, especially with the carry handle and the grain on the lettering
1 - 5 of 21 Posts