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Went out today to do some load testing and break in a new barrel. Of coarse I left the wrench behind to tighten/ adjust the scope mount on the new upper. So we couldn't use that rifle for our test.( I am so bright some times). So we broke out my Bull barreled rifle to do the testing with at 100 yards. The best groups that we shot from multiple powders and loads was with 25gr of Hodgdon Benchmark and Hornady 55 Grain Spire Points. With this load I shot a 5 shot group that was 1.113" with one flier or it would have been .875" not bad for me.Then Jason shot a 3 shot group. He said I can do better than that give me 3 more of that load. I'm going to shoot this group 1" higher. I thought right. He shot the next 3 shot group on that same target and I could not believe how accurate that load or my rifle was. Let alone Jason. Here are some pictures, no sense showing my terrible 1.1" group


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