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I've got about two pounds of VV N120 laying around since last year. I tried working up some loads for my 8.5" PSD using 90 grain TNT's. I maxed at 28.5 grains and got some pretty high velocities along with some ejector swipes so it was too hot. Even so, it failed to lock the bolt open after the mag was empty. I guess the powder is just too fast for the operating system. I do have a .45-70 Guide gun but I don't shoot that near enough to load that much powder.

So, I thought I would try the PSD again but this time with 115 grain SMK's and 115 grain Hornady OTM's with N120. I thought, probably wrong, that the longer heavier bullet may assist with the gas and locking the bolt back on the last shot. TimW helped last time with load data and this powder with the 90's, care to help again?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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