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List any price gouging companies here

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I agree with Tim W when he wrote in another thread about hoping that the companies that tried to gouge us with price increases due to X-mas and Obama election will be deserted by their customers when supply finally starts to catch up with demand around Jan-Feb...

To help ensure that I don't patronize any of these businesses, I thought it would be a good idea to gather a list of companies that did such. If you have any examples of people or companies who raised their prices over the past two months for no apparent reason except to squeeze some more bucks out of their customers, I'd love to hear about it.
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i bought my dpms lower reciever with 6 pos stock for $235 at a gun show.
Last weekend at gun show here in KC MO I saw the same lower for $485.
I asked the guy if the price was marked correctly, an he said yep that's what there selling for.
I said rather loudly ' man your sure are gouaging the hell out of that an what idiot would pay double the dam price for that.
I don't think he cared for me much...hehehe
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