I don't usually sell my guns, but this is a nice rifle that I just don't need and I'd like to sell this to fund a long range precision bolt gun project. So, I'm willing to part ways with it if I can get a fair price while I currently have an opportunity to buy the other platform.

This was built as a light weight hunting rifle and comes in at 7 pounds 6 ounces without magazine or optic. With the highly capable Zeiss Conquest V6 in the Geissele mount it comes to 9 lbs 1 oz unloaded (as measured by my cheapo food scale). While I've shot the rifle a few times and started playing with load development, I can't say I've even broken in the barrel yet and haven't made it too far in load development so I can't make any claims on accuracy. I probably have shot between 100-150 rounds, and maybe not even that many. I selected and purchased all the components and assembled the rifle for my own use. I'm not a gunsmith or dealer.

The heart of the rifle is Wilson Combat 18" Tactical Hunter barrel in a 2A Xanthos Receiver Set and Handguard with many high end and light weight components as detailed below. While I'm not looking to part out the rifle, I'll entertain swapping out / removing a few things if they just don't fit your requirements.


Receiver: 2A Armament Xanthos Light Weight Receiver Set
Barrel: Wilson Combat 18" 7mm-08 Tactical Hunter

Upper Details:
Handguard: 2A Armament M-LOK Xanthos 308 Rail, 15in, Slant Cut, 2A-XRSC-15
Bolt Carrier Group: JP Enterprises LMOS with JP Enhanced Bolt
Gas Block: SLR Sentry Adjustable Gas Block
Charging Handle: V7 Ultralight
Port Cover: V7 Ultralight port door with ultralight rod
Muzzle Device: Griffin Armament Taper Mount Minimalist Flash Hider (for use with GA suppressors)

Lower Details:
Trigger: Centurion Arms AST
Receiver Extension (buffer tube): 2A Armament AR-10 Buffer Tube Assembly with light weight latch plate
Stock: MFT Minimalist
LPK: Mostly V7, including takedown pins, ambi short-throw safety, mag release, bolt catch, titanium grip screw, and light weight castle nut
Grip: Ergo Suregrip

Zeiss CONQUEST V6 3-18x50 ZBR Ballistic Reticle w/ BDC Turret, Black, 522241-9992-070
Mount: Geissele Super Precision AR15 30MM EXT BLK MNT 0MOA (05-381)

Overall, everything is in excellent condition as it has spent most of its life in my safe, but it has been fired a few times so you'll see normal wear in the usual places (e.g., anodizing scratch where the charging handle latch engages).

I'd like to get $3,900 for the whole package with optic, or $2,300 for rifle only, which is less than I have put into it and many of the components just aren't available right now. Let me know if you are interested in just the optic. I'm in the greater Seattle, WA area in case anyone local is interested.