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Lighten up my rifle

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Well, I guess my rifle doesn't really like shooting tight groups, so I'm thinking about going more toward a light weight "go to" gun.
Right now, I have the Knight's rifle length free float tube and a Ko-Tonics barrel, Magpul CTR, and lefty Stag upper. Optic is an Elite 4200 2.5-10x50.
Is there a lighter tube? I hate rails, and liked their's because I can add short bits of rail for my needs. Maybe a smaller optic or irons?
I am also considering going to a plastic standard forearm, but like the idea of a free float.
What to do...?
Let me hear your opinions
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Fill out a form, send the form with $200 to the ATF. When the registration is approved, cut half the barrel off! :lol: :lol:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts