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Let's talk duty ammo

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I have received preliminary approval for a 6.8 from my chief and now it's time to do some ammo research. What are my fellow LEOs carrying as duty ammo? I think something that would perform similarly to how the Federal 62gr bonded 5.56 round did in the FBI tests would be ideal. Any ideas?
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Thanks for the info! How would you compare the performance of the OTM and the pro hunter? Also, what barrel length are you using? I'm going the SBR route with probably either an 11 or 12 incher. I thought about going with the 85gr triple shock, looking for the best of both worlds for defeating barriers without over-penetration. I also thought about utilizing the pro hunters and the lighter triple shock. How much difference do you get in your points of impact?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts