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Latest acquisition - Rem 700 LTR in 6.8 SPC

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Latest acquisition - Rem 700 LTR in 6.8 SPC (+range report)

I have been fondling this every time I am down at the local gun shop. Finally broke down and bought it. $800 plus sales tax. I was also looking for a .308 bolt gun but alas, the budget does not permit equipping two new guns this year. All my shooting will be at a club I belong to and I am limited to 200 yards. I always liked the idea of something in between .223 and .308 for a bolt gun for the distances I shoot. I've shot my friend's .270 bolt gun a few times and like it but that would mean introducing another caliber which can't be shared with other guns. So 6.8 SPC it is!

Timney trigger set to 2.5 pounds
Super Sniper 16X
NF 20 MOA base
NF standard height rings
Harris BRM-S bipod w/swivel lock

Range report possibly at the end of the week.

The Super Sniper use to reside on my 18" SPR which now sports a more practical 2.5-10X Nightforce NXS. Eventually I will replace the Super Sniper with a Falcon FFP mil/mil scope. US dealers never have the one I want in stock and I may be forced to by from a UK dealer.

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FALbert, that's a great looking rifle! Have you taken it to the range yet? I hope she shoots as good as she looks!
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