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Latest acquisition - Rem 700 LTR in 6.8 SPC

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Latest acquisition - Rem 700 LTR in 6.8 SPC (+range report)

I have been fondling this every time I am down at the local gun shop. Finally broke down and bought it. $800 plus sales tax. I was also looking for a .308 bolt gun but alas, the budget does not permit equipping two new guns this year. All my shooting will be at a club I belong to and I am limited to 200 yards. I always liked the idea of something in between .223 and .308 for a bolt gun for the distances I shoot. I've shot my friend's .270 bolt gun a few times and like it but that would mean introducing another caliber which can't be shared with other guns. So 6.8 SPC it is!

Timney trigger set to 2.5 pounds
Super Sniper 16X
NF 20 MOA base
NF standard height rings
Harris BRM-S bipod w/swivel lock

Range report possibly at the end of the week.

The Super Sniper use to reside on my 18" SPR which now sports a more practical 2.5-10X Nightforce NXS. Eventually I will replace the Super Sniper with a Falcon FFP mil/mil scope. US dealers never have the one I want in stock and I may be forced to by from a UK dealer.

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Range time is ON for tomorrow. I usually use SSA 115 gr OTM. It worked extremely well in the 18" Kotonics SPR when it had the SS 16 on top. Groups varied from .40"-.75" from a bench. I am going to use the same SSA ammo again for zeroing purposes, and also have a few boxes of Hornady 110 gr BTHP TAP which I will compare it with. SSA is the benchmark for factory loads as far as I am concerned. I've used the TAP before and the groups were certainly "bigger" at 25 yards and 100 yards.

Remington no longer makes the LTR in 6.8 SPC. Guess it was not popular. The only other 6.8 SPC bolt guns I've seen are also Remington 700s (PSS, Varmint, SPS) in the picture threads and those too seem like limited production runs. The LTR I bought was a new gun that sat on my EBR dealer's shelves for a year. He wouldn't budge on the price as it was not replaceable. Still, $800 for a new LTR is not a bad price. Better than .223 but not overkill like .308, what's there not to like about the 6.8 SPC?

My preference for .308 is in semi autos. I had a PSS back in the early 90s and never liked the recoil. I can shoot my M-14 and FALs all day but not the PSS. I don't equate pain with being manly. If it is not fun to shoot, then I don't want it. I have a shooting partner who like all those odd ball large rounds. I've tried them out and honestly can't say I liked shooting his guns or want to own a gun chambered in those calibers. The .50 caliber bolt gun is the exception. Hell yeah it hurts despite the artillery style brake, but at least you know whatever your shooting at will be destroyed. :lol:

The next .308 bolt gun I get will have a muzzle brake installed so I can at least enjoy shooting it. I have lots of 7.62 surplus so I figure I won't burn through as much ammo as I would with the semis. Plus this year the looks like my state will be coming down hard on anyone who owns military style semi autos so getting a bolt gun will at least allow me to shoot the ammo I have on hand.
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I posted this on the "soon to be gone board" the day they copied all the threads.

Great day to be at the range last Friday. After getting both 6.8 guns zeroed at 100 yards (approx. 2" above POA) I went out to 200 yards with a cardboard silhouette.

The two groups in the head are from the Rem 700 LTR while the chest shots are from the Kotonics/Cardinal Armory 18" chrome lined SPR. SSA 115 gr OTM were used. For the Rem 700 LTR, the middle of the head area was the aiming point. The first three shots ended up on the right side of the head with a .678" average to center group. Adjusted windage 2 clicks to the left on the Super Sniper 16X and ended up with that one hole farthest to the left towards the bottom. Brought it back 1 click tot he right and then fired another five shots for the second group centered around the middle with a .504" average to center group. For the 18" SPR, the NSX scope has the NP-R2 MOA reticule set to 10X and I was using the tip of the horizontal reference lines to line up on the shoulders of the silhouette while lining up the crosshairs for the center of mass, resulting in a 1.032" average to center group. Not bad at all for both. I am confident that the 18" SPR, if equipped with a higher magnification scope along with a more definitive aiming point rather than best guess, would have shot better. When I had the Super Sniper 16X on it, average to center group was .406" at 100 yards using same ammo.

And obligatory gun porn:

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