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.338 super range or big bore AR or Lapua bad bolt gun?

  • .338- 200fps slower than Lapua mag. in a AR10

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What would you do for a large caliber rifle,
1- a .338 that shoots about 200 fps slower than a 338 Lapua mag but does it from a AR10 or DPMS LR semi auto rifle, 8-10 cases in a 20 round mag. Would also shoot from a short action 700 bolt gun.

2- a .458 that shoots a 300gr bullet at 2750fps from a 20" barrel also from a AR10/DPMS

3- a .338 that shoots 125fps faster than the Lapua Mag. but in a long action rifle (Rem 700) instead of a super long Lapua action that cost at least twice as much.

Obviously 2 different cases here, a big bore short range rifle(200-250yds) and 2 super long range hunter/cough..sniper type..cough rifles that would easily make it to 1000yds.

ETA- Since this is here what cartridge type would you like to see? Anything is possible as long as it isn't larger than the 500 Jeffery. big bore, small bore, AR 15 length, AR10 length but no light sabers. At this point in time no cartridge based on the 7.62x39 feeds reliably enough. Now if someone were to build a receiver with the front side of the magwell shorter so we could use curved mags then maybe. Anyone with a CNC? I'll draw it up.

A few choices, .223, 5.56x42, 6x41, 6.8SPC, 30HRT, 6mmBanshee, 6.5mm Banshee, .243, 308, 6.5 Reaper, .458DRT, .338 Reaper, .338 OMG!
All of those were designed to use in a AR15 or AR10 platform except the .338 OMG!. It fits a Long action Rem 700 bolt gun and out performs the Lapua mag.
the 6.5 Reaper shoots flatter than the Lapua mag out to 1000yds.

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If I get a big bore for my AR, it will be the 458 SOCOM as I already have two 45/70s...one Marlin (pre safety cross bolt BS) and one Browning 1996 SRC. Both of these will shoot Buffalo Bore and Garrett high performance ammo plus heavy hand loads. I think I will probably pick up a Browning model 1995 (45/70 of course) someday while they are still relatively inexpensive. After all, my online name suggests I am a very large fan of the bigger calibers.

I really don't need the 338 that is 125fps more than the Lapua, but if I were into long range shooting, it would be the one I get. So that is the one I voted for.

Kelly (Cohibra45)

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I think the 458 should be adone deal given its got a very common cheap parent case. on the others I have to say I really like both. On the longer one I would want to go over bore and have it necked down to 7 mm adn have basically the flattest shooting round there is other then a few extreme one based off the Chev-tac. On the shorter one I would take that as is in the AR-10 . 10 rounds good to 1300-1500 yards would be very addictive.

So for me basically one of each.

That was a lot of help wasn't it. :lol: :lol:

OK just one the slower of the 338 but I really want all three.
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