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Has anyone tried the Lancer translucent mags for 6.8? Supposedly the polymer is a little thinner than the PMags and therefore might have enough clearance to hold 6.8s better.... Just a thought. I have 4 coming for my 5.56 and I may attempt one with some 6.8 rounds.

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I didn't think they were out yet, but I would love to try them as well. Why don't you email them and ask them to try and get the 6.8 mags out before Obama bans them!

I emailed them and asked about 6.8 mags, see response below:


Thanks for the interest and support.

A Lancer 6.8mm magazine is on the drawing board. As you are aware the
6.8 round will not work in the L5, we will need to make modifications to
the feed lips and body to make it work. We are currently working on the
L5-20 round magazine, non-tilt follower and improvements to the current
L5. When these are complete we will be able to focus on the L6 (6.8)
and L7 (7.62) magazines


Scott Vilardi
Lancer Systems
[email protected]
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