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Kind of new from KS

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Just wanted to jump into the posting game here on the forums. I read here almost daily and have gotten much needed advice and ideas from the active posters. I first got into the caliber so I could hunt deer with the AR15 platform. .223 was still illegal to shoot deer with in KS when I pieced together my first build. I currently have three 6.8's and have taken deer with all three.
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welcome aboard, i used to live on the kansas side of KC
Welcome! This will be my 4th season hunting with the 6.8, and I'm very happy with it.
welcome, from east of Ft. Scott 20 miles,,,
With that name you've got to be in my area or at least from it.
"With that name you've got to be in my area or at least from it."

Grew up 60 miles southeast of there but graduated from the Fort in 06.
Welcome. Went to college at Fort hays state.
Welcome from Overland Park

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