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K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid.

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I think we need a KISS thread in that some folks seem to be overwelmed with all the different chamber dimensions and twist rates. As brought up in another topic, this confusion is leading some folks who are considering a 6.8 rifle to back away. While I agree that the standard chamber and 1:10 isn't ideal, for the average guy who won't run 500 rounds a year through it at no farther than 100 yards...it's good enough. And to the average shooter, he can't tell the difference between 2.28, 2.29, or 2.30 COL for his mags. Let's not scare the new guys off. Obviously, if your really into the 6.8, this doesn't apply to you as you already know the differences. There are those amoungst us that make a hobby of disecting the caliber and testing the differences to the millionth of an inch and have 28 different powders to test.

The average person can get by with the factory guns with factory loads, and still have an accurate, powerful rifle.
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I think I get the idea. I think it works in all aspects though. People are out in search of the best gear and equipment too, not just firearms. I have found that alot of popular tactical nylon and different equipment looks good on paper , looks and feels good when you put it on but then sux when you actually have to get down in it. Take the drop leg platform for example. It fits great and looks nice but once you load it up, its not tight fitting any more and becomes very obtrusive... forget trying to run or jump over shyt.

As far as everything else is concerned. I dont think the intention of the post was to disregard the plethora of info and data that is expelled here. I think its intention was to voice the need for a seperate forum that keeps it simple.

On the other hand... its not our job to keep it somple for anyone other than ourselves and who we may be in charge of protecting. What may be simple for me may not be for you and vice versa. Only the individual can truly keep it simple, based on thier own reality.

and PAULOSANTOS ..that was a funny phukin reply my freind... I got a real chuckle out of that one.
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I dont think thats what he was saying or intending to say. He was simply stating in his own way how he feels the need for a kiss subforum for those that dont want to wade thru technicalities and what not to get a 6.8 and go shoot.


I dont feel the need for a kiss subforum based solely on the average joe or even a professional operator not wanting to get all technical when getting a 6.8 to just go shoot around. Guys here are not going to tell you to go to model1sales to pick up a cheap upper that works just so you can go shoot. The guys here will poor out thier hearts and minds for you free of charge and allow you to make your own decision. Most every forum out there is filled with people that will just wave you off and tell you to just get this or that with out any care in the world. This is not that kind of forum. Here, you will get ALL the right info. Its not sink or swim here. Its... hey let me show you a stroke thats more effective and a way to control your breathing when in a state of shock or panic etc. Here you will be trained effectively in all 6.8 aspects basically wether you want to or not. I love it.

I too, dont know shyt about calculating ballistic tables and all the intricasies of the ar platform or any real technicalitites at all. However, I am mechanically inclined by nature and a gearhead at heart so I pick up on the technical stuff that does make sense and in turn I can help others in my own way. Guys like the ones here are near impossible to find and even more impossible to KISS. Try to get a kiss response from TIMW and see what happens :lol: . Tim is a great guy and I dont know where I would be without him. I know my rig wouldnt be the rig it is.
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all I can do is laugh...

Pull ur chonies out of your crack and jump of the rail. No need to give yourself a wedgie like that. We dotnt raise people up on the flagpole by thier underwear her. That happens on the other boards.
We just like to keep it professional here, sprinkled with some comraderie and a little smart assedness.

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