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Just got a free Lee Pro 1000!

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Wife's uncle gave me a Lee Pro 1000 + auto disk powder measure + case feeder + carbide .44SPL dies. Not a bad score and not a bad free upgrade from the single stage I was using.

Anybody got any tips for using this thing effectively, both for pistol and rifle?

Also, anybody know what shell plate would work for 6.8 for reference once I finally get my upper.
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I have a lee loadmaster and jumped into that and got a good deal on it but i didnt have that good of luck with the disk kit i think its set up for more pistol applications than anything but i got frustrated enough that i bouhgt the lee powder funel filed it down a little so it would thread into the rifle charge die and fit tite and purchased a chargemaster so set my charge it shoots out on the scale accurate everytime(had to return the lyman dps III because that thing was terribly innaccurate out of the box) on my upstroke i pour the charge in the funnel by hand and then go on with the next step in the proggressive press.

I agree with the post earlier about the priming system lee has weather it the 1000 or loadmaster you cant tell if your out of primers with out either counting how many primers you loaded good luck on that or taking it apart and checking inside the chute. I think i might just drill a hole in my chute so i can peek in there easily and see if i really gettin low on primers.
So is the thing even worth my time to set up or should I just wait and get something else?

As far as the double disk not working well, do you know if the Hornady unit with its auto drop would work?

I've been reloading for about 5 years now but have absolutely zero experience with progressive loading....

I guess I should add this I plan on using this for blasting ammo. If I wanna load for accuracy, I'm going to use my single stage...
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