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**I am selling this hand-selected, ITT GEN III, AN/PVS 14 only so that I might upgrade to the single-battery, autogated model. This unit is only 2 years old, and has been treated with the utmost care, handled only by me. This is the highly desirable variable intensity tube.

**I estimate that it has less than 40 total hours on the tube, as I switch it on then quickly off only for aiming at hogs, varmints, etc, when night hunting. I would have preferred to keep the unit, so that I had two, but of course, I cannot afford $8000 worth of NVD's since I still need guns and ammo. [:|]

**The unit will ship with Data card, carrying bag, headgear, manual, demist shield, eyecup, day cover, and and all other kit accessories.

My feedback is all + and I would allow a 3 day trial-return period if you were not satisfied with this unit. There is one tiny blem, appearing as a .2mm speck in the far 7 O'clock position of the FOV, but it is almost imperceptible, and it does not even show up in the photo. Otherwise the tube is perfect. What you see in the picture is the tree, garage, and a small solar light in the foreground at the base of the tree.

**Here are the data card specs:

Gate type: Non-gated
start type: filmed
Downgrade: LZ
pot-type: potted
FOM: 1619.2
Signal to noise: 25.3
Resolution: 64
HALO: 0.98
Final White PR: 2380.000
[email protected]
Cathode Voltage: 900

Since I plan to sell this quickly, I am pricing it at $2950 shipped and insured.

There are years of life left in this tube, and you are saving at least $600 versus a new unit, and the shipping and ins. are on me.

I will accept PMO as the preferred method of payment. First post of "I'll take it," gets it.

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