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Just wandered in. I am in the process of adding a 6.8 SPC to the Black Rifle
pile, and asked some questions about hand loads, on another forum, and
was directed here. Thanks for all of the info members have posted. I
have already loaded ammo, for an upper that hasn't quite been ordered
yet. I am close to pulling the trigger on an order to build an upper, and
am just waiting for "Uncle Sugar" to give me back the money he took for
this year's taxes, that was above the pound of flesh he demands.

I will add some bio info to my User profile, soon.

Thanks again for all of the info posted here.

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Welcome aboard Squueze
Glad your here Squeeze.

We have a good group here everyone here wants to help and we all aks questions.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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