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Hi! I'm an old retired military type. Recently I've mostly been shooting .45 autos, and some trap and sporting clays - but I have recently moved to Virginia and Quantico is not too far away with nice rifle ranges. I used to have a Colt H-bar and a Galil but sold them when I no longer had a place to shoot them. So when I started looking to replace them with an AR-15 I learned about the 6.8 and decided it made a lot more sense to start off with one of them than to add an upper to a 5.56. After a lot of research and help from friends, I decided on a Noveske 14.5 VIS -OK- sort of expensive and I don't have it in my hands yet -- but soon. Looking forward to getting it and trying it out. Ages ago I was qualified expert with the M-16, but that really was light years ago. Actually I was qualified expert in every infantry weapon, but spent most of my career in the Air Force, and not much shooting there. I was on a pistol team for a bit, but somehow I kept being sent to fly and missed most matches.
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