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http://www.cammenga.com/cammenga-produc ... category=5

Now we just need to get them to make one for the 6.8. Check out the video.
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I have several of the mags. They work fine in my 223 but are not real reliable using them in my 458 SOCOM. They are great loading loose rounds in. I have not had any trouble with damage due to dropping.
In the 458 they seem to load fine for the first 9 rounds. I have never been able to shoot a full mag without the last round jamming. I have tried only 2 rounds and the first one will load and the last one jams. Camber round and install mag and round jams. I have 4 of these mags and they all do it. I have no problems with any of my other brand mags. I don't have this problem with my 223.
I have modified the front of al the mags I use for the 458 to aleiviate any hangups, but mainly for unloading. Best I can tell it is a combination of follower design and a weak spring.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts