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In need of fatherly advice & flat out opinions!

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Not sure which way to go with spending a bit of cash on my addiction. Do I go with an old dream of an M1 Garand finally, or take the money and finish off all but one other weapon in my collection? They can all fire, I'm just looking at setting them up more to how I want them (Trij Doctor on the Mossberg 590, bevelled mag well on the Kimber, a few more mags for the weapons that I only have 3 mags a piece for, upgraded SSS springs for my Stag and maybe a different optic, then with any leftover cash going for ammo). Really torn, and have no idea which way to go... I like to think its easier to save up to get the little stuff later on, rather than the cash for a rifle.
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Hey, your still around! Haven't seen you in a few... Got the knife! Sweet!!! Thanks! Anyhow, that's been my thinking too, its an original that's been refurbed by James River Armory. The problem is that I've been looking at finishing these weapons for several years now, and it never seems to happen!
Well guys, I ran up to the Chantilly Gun Show today, and I finally got my Garand from James River Armory. Springfield Armory, refinished To "Arsenal Reissue" condition. New Stock Set, reparkerized in correct finish, properly cartouched to match serial number, new butt plate, head space guaged, all critical areas inspected, and a new Krieger Barrel. The serial number puts the receiver from July of 1941. She's a real looker, and I felt like a proud parent walking around the show with her slung over my shoulder! Thanks for your advice guys!
Let's see if I remember how to do this...

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Thanks! For some reason, I've always liked the older weapons... Seem to have more character or something... Maybe its just their history that appeals to me... Either way, I'm very happy with them! Just need more ammo now!
Raph, what is with the trigger guard on the M1? I have seen a bunch of M1s but they all had stamped steel trigger guards that were a bit difficult to manipulate to disassemble. Mine is stamped steel.
This one is a milled trigger guard. Its what would have been used for the original Springfield M1 when it was produced in 1941.
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