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I'm looking to build but need some advice.

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My name is Dave and I am very new to the AR-15 community. I want to build one myself, but I really need to soak up some wisdom first and I figured this is the best place!

...So here come the questions!

1. The Barrett M468 first got me interested in the 6.8mm caliber, and I began looking for complete rifles. This is when the POF P-415 (http://www.pof-usa.com/6-8np3/P-415-14- ... LENGTH.htm) really caught my attention. POF claims to have a newly-designed system that requires no lube and only basic cleaning with a dry cloth after each firing session. Here is some additional info if you are unfamiliar with what I'm referring to:
http://www.pof-usa.com/GW_POF_P415_%5B1%5D.pdf <-- The first page of this one says it all
So then my first question is this: Is this for real? I can cycle thousands of rounds through this gun and only clean the barrel after each range session?

2. Next question: Is this hefty price tag for the POF upper ($1475.00) worth it?

3. If I choose the POF upper, should I just get the complete rifle package?

4. If I choose the POF upper, can I switch out the muzzle break for a PWS FSC30, or is it permanently attached?

5. I hear a lot of people talking about AR Performance Xtreme uppers.. Looks like a great deal, but the price almost seems too good to be true... The upper comes with the 16" chrome-lined 11.25 twist barrel with 5R rifling, right?

6. I'm in Colorado Springs and I see that AR Performance has an address in Pueblo West. Is there a storefront or showroom I could visit and get my hands on one?

Now some more general questions:

1. Do I have to get a lower receiver that says "6.8" on the side? I thought the .223 lower was exactly the same as the 6.8 lower, right?

2. If there isn't a difference, then I should just be able to put the POF or Xtreme upper on any lower and it should work just fine, right?

3. I've seen a lot of different brands of lower receivers and they all look exactly the same to me (I realize that many of them are made by the same company). What makes one lower different from the next? (and are there any for sale that I don't have to wait 14 weeks for?)

4. I would kind of like to have a left-side charging handle instead of the traditional charging handle that pulls straight back into your face.. Is this something I can change later, or do I need to buy a special upper receiver to accommodate it? If so, who makes them?

Okay, I think that's all I have for now... :wink: This is a great opportunity for all of you to share your advice, opinions, and ideas with someone who is new to the AR-15 world, so please, don't hold back! Thank you all in advance!

-Dave (MichiganMilitia)
(Btw if you were wondering about my name, even though I am currently in Colorado, I used to live in Michigan and I am very loyal to such a fine state for hunting! :D )
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ArtFWTx said:
MichiganMilitia said:
3. If I choose the POF upper, should I just get the complete rifle package? If you want to, there's nothing wrong with that. However there are many who mate an upper from one brand with a lower of another brand and there's no difference. POF's billet lowers are very nice though. You can save a little money buy purchasing uppers and lowers separately. Firearms manufactures pay a federal excise tax on complete firearms, which obviously is passed on to the consumer.
Okay, I see that I can get a POF lower for $325. I've seen other lowers for half that price. What's the real difference between the $220 lower from MEGA (seen here: http://www.carricozarmory.com/lowers.htm it's the second one from the top) and a $325 lower from POF? They are both made by the same company right? So why the $100 price hike?

Thanks so much for your very informative answers! :shock: :shock: I am humbled in your presence
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tbready said:
The price hike is from everyone going absolutely apeshit and buying everything in a frenzy because everyone is afraid their 2nd amendment rights are going to be attacked. Now manufacturers cant keep up, and everyone is price gouging all of us. Im waiting till this stupid craze is over to build my 3rd one (most likely an extreme). It was much easier to build one before the election. 8)
Well, I know why the prices skyrocketed and nobody can keep ammo on their shelves, but I was really asking why was there such a huge price difference between two lowers made by the same company??

And are you suggesting that I should wait to build my AR? And how long? Do you see prices dropping anytime soon on ammo and parts?
tbready said:
I've been unemployed for the past month. The last thing on my list right now is ammo. Thank goodness for the small stockpile i do have. :lol:
How many thousands of rounds are in your "small stockpile"??? :lol:
Thanks so much for all the help so far guys! :D

Another question about buying lowers/uppers:

I don't really care about what trigger I have, and the internal parts don't make much of a difference to me as long as it works the same, so would I be better off to buy a completed upper/lower receiver, or buy a stripped lower and each of the components individually? This seems pretty expensive!
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