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I think I am sold on the bushnell elite 4200 1.5-4x

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I came across this scope about a year ago at one of the gunshows and I was impressed.... extemely clear and it seemed to suck in all the light available to give the crispiest picture.... I was also impressed with the construction and tolerances as well as the firefly reticle... the 3200 is just as impressive but the 4200 is an improved design... the cost difference is about 150.00 between the 2.... I did find a 4200 for 350.00 with free shipping....

I have been on the fence when it comes to selecting a good 1-4x thats not terribly expensive...

I cant be too sure about the DMS-1 -GRSC -counter sniper crusader or vector optics .... so this seems to be the optimal choice out of all the options under 400.00 ...

any opinions or suggestions.... any feedback on any of these???

I am selling the dot sight and 3x magnifier to go back to using the good ole scope....

I will still be using my buis by the way....
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Bushdog45 said:
Black Lion, I have a 1.5x6 Bushnell 4200 with firefly ret. on my 5.56 and it is a great scope for the $. They don't have it in their lineup anymore though. If you want an impressive for $ 1.5x4.5 with an illum. dot plex or German 4 reticle check out Natchez's sale on the Weaver Classic. At first I thought yeah right Weaver. I had a couple many years ago that went tits up (Widefields :lol: ). But these new ones are Jap glass, clear and bright just like the 4200's. Lifetime warranty. We just bought 5! They also have a nice 2.5x10 in the same format. Check out the reviews at AR15.com.

http://www.natchezss.com/product.cfm?co ... 01&src=sim
Wow the price is amazing!
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