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I finally got my bear rug

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For newbies, I took this bear last spring in Idaho with my 18inch WOA 6.8 with H335 powder and 110gr Barnes triple shock. As far as I know it was the first bear with a 6.8

The bear is a hair short of squaring 6 foot. Front claw to front claw exactly 6 foot. Nose to tail 5foot 10 inches. It is a beautiful rug and a charished memory because my son was guidling for ElkSprings Outfitters and he gave me the hunt and guided me and we took it together.

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Bear rugs are beautiful, I hope to have some time to hunt them this fall, I have three that come into my backyard roaming around every few days that we see, there is always sign around.....

That kinda reinforces the idea that those TSX's need to be moving pretty fast to reliably open up.... HTR has said he had the same issue with those until he switched to the 85's.... He said he never has that issue with the TTSX's.... I wish barnes would listen to us and make a 99 grain TTSX.....
1 - 1 of 18 Posts