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Well when at the local firing range. A.K.A. the local gravel pit after we took down the "NO SHOOTING!" Signs the tourists put up. Every one knows you can shoot in there! As this was just behind my "Evil" Step mother's barn, the tourists also tear down the signs I put up. "EURO STYLE HORSE HAVESTING SOOTHING EUTHANIZING FOR MASS PROTEIN NUTRIENTS FREE RANGE LOCATION" (Seems some of the Liberalanas actually believed it, my "Evil" step mother seemed to hate that sign a bit) Some people saw me with a few ARs and my Mini 6.8. for a mass rezeroing check. Some of the other shooters came over, some locals some vistors were asking what they were in. I just told them 5.56 for practice and the 6.8s for main problem critter killing and hunting.

That's when there was almost a well "French Style" discussion broke out. The "CAMPS" came out, even a G person who was about to espouse the greatness of of the G. Till the .244 Valkeries shut him down for long range performance. Seems a few didn't know you can use .223 calibers in this state for hunting that marked some as tourists, but hey these seemed to be NICE tourists who came to their cabins. The talk was on "Long Range" as the G person was the G had more down range energy for paper punching! Don't know what the techno babble was about the long range stuff going on I was just checking zeros on my guns. But oddly the G guy was polite. Yes people kept their distances for you Socialists Distancing Elitists :p And the masks were great for keeping the bugs out of your mouth.

Some one noticed my 224 Valkyrie mags! I told them it was the same as a 6.8 SPC and they use the same bolt and mags. Had a few "huh?"s there. I told them I was VERY happy the 224 Valkyrie came out. It made Bolts and Mags even easier to find! They took out smart phones, let them take pics of my mags, showed them my bolt and we ran it in their Valkyries. My bolt not BCG. Some may of gotten on the .224 Valkyrie wagon with out much research...well I OVER RESEARCH every thing when looking in to some thing, so if you find some thing that works for you after seeing the proof your self. Can't nay say some one one's selection system.

To shorten this long winded post, some said they were going to build new uppers for hunting.

We shot well all my rifles, some set targets way out there and found my short range settings got me to with in an inch at 200 yards according to the BP, well it was no wind. THEY did the shooting not me, so they are WAY better shooters than me. They had a "Blast" with my rifles as they did better zeros than I did on them, most of them even used their own ammo. And got some of my rifle barrels past their "Break In Period." And a few refresher courses on A LOT of stuff.

My zero checking method got a few chuckles but saw my system works if you have a Ballistics Program, bullet info and a laser range finder. But most saw it was effective for the results I go for. I don't shoot long range to shoot a neutron out of an atom, last time I did that...oh yeah still classified so never mind.

One had his kids clean the main blasters they used of mine. They were WAY faster than when I do it and WAY BETTER! They did take every thing they brought. I thought they were being super neat even taking the brass. Till I heard "Reloads" a few times. I guess its true some people go "Brass Hunting" at the pit. Every one showed proper common sense when handling their guns so I felt safe for them to handle mine. It made the "Fast rezeroing" session last longer but it sure killed all that damn time we been having to waste.
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